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Out of a love for all things crafty and DIY, husband-and-wife team Jan and Rosanne Korteland created Country Chic Paint in 2014.

Today, Rosanne and Jan, along with their amazing team provide thousands of other DIY and craft enthusiasts across North America with their collection of 55 furniture paint colors, waxes & clear coats, paint brushes, and decorative finishes.

Country Chic Paint is a completely unique paint formula that was created by us -- in collaboration with our customers -- to make furniture painting easier and more fun. Safe, eco-friendly paint for furniture that actually does what it says is hard to find. With Country Chic Paint you get all the benefits that you’ve come to expect from chalk paint: easy prep (just make sure it’s clean first), exceptional adhesion, a chalky finish, and easy distressing.

Never in a million years had we dreamed our little paint company would become as popular as it did. We’re still a small, family run business and occasionally even our three kids (now 9, 6 and 4 years old) beg to come to work with us -- their favorite “job” is folding shipping boxes. 

P.S. Because many families are struggling to provide even the basic necessities, we want our paint to be a force for good. That’s why a portion of our annual proceeds goes towards Feeding America and Foodbanks Canada.

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